Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA

Kate and I took a brief vacation and went to our favorite place in Ft. Bragg, the Beachcomber Motel.  You can see it in the video below at the end of the trestle bridge.  There is a walkway going from Glass Beach Continue reading “Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA”

Jon Stewart on the Gun Control Debate

It only makes sense to have some reasonable gun control laws.  This country has vastly more gun related deaths than any other civilized country and its all because of the NRA control of congress.  It just amazes me at the flimsy-ass excuses these fanatics make over background checks and ban of assault rifles and high capacity magazines.  WTF??   Just cause some people get their rocks off shooting a shit load of bullets into a mountain, then everyone should be allowed to have them.  Its crazy.  And they keep talking 2nd amendment as if its about to be repealed.  What kind of fear based nonsense is that?  that would be like me saying if we allow assault rifles then next will come allowing people to have surface to air missles.  Similar argument and totally stupid.   Here is Jon Stewart response to the nonsense.  I just love this guy.  He puts it so succinctly and shows the stupidity of the comments these congressmen and FOX make.

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