Mackerritcher State Park – RV Engine Problems

After having to cancel our trip to the ocean in mid August, I was luckily able to get a great site at Mackerritcher SP for just three nights at the beginning of September.  However, we had to be out of there for the Labor Day weekend and all other nearby camping facilities I found were booked up. Continue reading “Mackerritcher State Park – RV Engine Problems”

Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA

Kate and I took a brief vacation and went to our favorite place in Ft. Bragg, the Beachcomber Motel.  You can see it in the video below at the end of the trestle bridge.  There is a walkway going from Glass Beach Continue reading “Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA”

Fort Bragg / Mendocino Spring Trip

Beachcomber motel, Ft. Bragg CAIn March, Kate and I took off for a couple days stay at the Beachcomber Motel in Ft. Bragg.  The winter of 2015 has been the driest ever, but the forecast for “our” few days was rain, so we left our bikes and the dogs at home.  Other than driving rain when we arrived and checked in, the rest of the time was perfect.  Our room was on the ground floor facing the ocean and right on the trail that goes from Glass Beach, in town, to MacKerricher State Beach to the north.  Plus, this time of year the whales are migrating north and from our little patio we easily saw several of them.

Trestle Bridge, Ft. Bragg CaRight next to the motel is a Trestle Bridge that originally was for the private railroad used to transport lumber to ships.  The old rail bed is now the trail right outside our room.  So we hiked the trail and the headlands but it would have been perfect for bikes so next time we’ll bring them.  Also we would upgrade to the upper level which is easily  worth the extra ten bucks given the private deck and higher view.  We had great food at Taka, a Japanese Sushi place, and North Coast Brewing Co.  while in Ft. Bragg and some awesome clam chowder at Spud Point Crab Co. in Bodega Bay, near the marina.

Lots of old abandoned or run down buildings.  Some on priceless ocean property.  Ya gotta wonder what happened that someone just walked away from these places and let them go back to nature.  Even in Ft. Bragg, we walked by houses that were just left to ruin, even with evidence that someone was living inside and looked to be afflicted with  hoarder disorder.  Some of these places looked downright scary.  You just had to wonder who could live like that.  Anyway, here are some choice ones.  I wish I had captured even more.

We saw seals, coastal birds, whales, wildflowers, Cabrillo Point lighthouse, tidepools at McKerritcher, beautiful sandy beaches, tiny blue jelly fish, and a gorgeous coastline. Another great trip.