Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA

Kate and I took a brief vacation and went to our favorite place in Ft. Bragg, the Beachcomber Motel.  You can see it in the video below at the end of the trestle bridge.  There is a walkway going from Glass Beach Continue reading “Mendocino Coastline at Fort Bragg, CA”

Bridgeport Wildflower Hike along the Yuba River

April is time for wildflowers in Nevada County so Kate, Ben, Biggs and I went for the wildflower hike up near Bridgeport.  Do to the decent snowfall this year the Yuba River was running just great.  Poppies and Lupine were in abundance along with many other wildflowers.  Weather was 70s.  Gorgeous day all together.