Jackson Meadows Fall Camping

My fourth trip to Jackson Meadows this year was September 19th.   Just me and Charlie went.  It was my final fishing attempt.  So far it had been abysmal with nothing but small trout on the line.  I brought my kayak and was shocked to see the lake down so dramatically.  More empty than I have ever seen it in well over ten years.

I have wheels for my kayak but the problem was the muddy shoreline on the area of the lake where I normally camp and fish.  Plus the potential hazards of tree stumps and sand bars which could knock me over if I came upon them unexpected.  Farther out on the larger part of the lake there was solid shoreline and deeper water but that would have been about a mile of wheeling the kayak and over some rocky or muddy areas.

So I fished from shore with power bait.  First fish I easily released but the next two swallowed the bait.  Nice fish though.  A 20″ Brown Trout and a 15″ Rainbow.  I figured that was enough for me, plenty of dinner for four.  While I was fishing with Charlie (who was amazingly well behaved) three river otters swam by, stopped and watched us for a minute or two.  They are quite large and came back a second time to see what I was up to.

Beach combing the dry lake bed was fun and a bit rewarding.  I found an iPhone SE, and a SUP paddle.  The phone won’t take a charge and can’t be used in its present state since it had been underwater for presumably a long time.  The paddle board paddle is a good adjustable one which I can probably sell since none of my friends paddle board.

Since Jackson Meadows is the first place Ben and I RV camped 11 years ago, and he just loved this lake, I decided to leave some of his ashes here.   I know he’s with me always.  It’s interesting that I was talking to him about how one year when we went fall beach combing we found a really nice fishing lure, then after I set his ashes down I looked up and there was another lure, the same brand I normally use on my kayak.  Charlie and I had searched and not found a single one.  An acknowledgement from Ben.

Weather was nice and cool with blue skies, no or nil smoke.  Only a couple other campers in the campground so it was nice and quiet.  No water available and portable toilets.  Pine cone bombs dropping from trees landing on the RV but luckily missed Charlie and I.

I took some great drone videos which I will edit and put up here.  Meanwhile here some pics.

Author: Geoff

Quick rundown: Grew up in Lombard, Illinois, went to Arizona State University, worked as a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co, then Laventhal and Horwath, then Rolling Stones, then Heron International, then Goodby Berlin and Silverstein in San Francisco. Moved to the foothills in 1990 and traded futures and designed websites. Married to Kate Stewart, now living in Colfax, CA. We have six grandchildren. I enjoy camping in our RV, hiking, kayaking, fishing, droning and cross country skiing Also conga drumming, photography and dogs.

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  1. GREAT pics, as always. Wow, the extreme lack of water is terrifying. A friend says/knows that river otters have been known to gang up on swimming dogs and drown/kill them. Be careful about that! Charlie is such an adorable, sweet companion.

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