Autumn Walk

Last Sunday we all went to Nevada City to get some photos of the fall leaves.  As it turned out, most trees had just begun changing so we went for a walk along the NID ditch instead.  What a nice path it is, winding thru the entire Nevada City area.  Charlie got a chance to burn up some of that puppy energy and was good enough to be allowed off his leash for part of the way.  Anyway, here is a little video and a couple photos I took of the day.

Charlie, the White Tornado

On August 25th I had the pleasure of meeting the newest member to our family, Charlie.  A ten month old poodle mix (possibly with Maltese) that Kate brought home while I was camping.  What  a sweet surprise.  When I walked into the bedroom, where she had him stashed, he barked and backed away from me.  Growling a little.  So I just took my shower and changed and went about my business until he felt comfortable enough to say hello.  We have been best buddies ever since.  And Ben, Charlie just adores him.  Follows him everywhere.  And Ben, acts like the protective grandfather to Charlie, so gentle with him.  So sweet to see.  Here are some photos and video before Charlie got his hair cut.  We had to do it because his long hair was a magnet for stickers in the neighborhood and so difficult to get out.  Once the weather changes his longer hair will be perfect.  He is just the sweetest little guy, very loving and a real cuddler, but a real ball of energy, curious about everything he sees.

70th Birthday Event

Kate threw me an amazing party to celebrate another decade gone by.  My 70th birthday.  She had sushi, special cocktails, tons of hordeurvres and just did a fantastic job planning this thing out.  She also got me a new GoPro Hero 4 Silver as a gift which I got to try out all night long.  Below is the resulting video.  Great piece of equipment.
There were eighteen of us, I was told.  A perfect mix of friends.

Turkey Time

The neighborhood turkeys are huge this year.  Seems like they were little tiny babies just a couple months ago.  I found these walking through our front yard and then again in the back of our property.   Ben doesn’t even bother to chase them anymore, although Biggs does and feels really proud of how scared they are of him.  Youtube has a process that helps get rid of the jitter from handheld with telephoto shooting, but it tends to cut off some of the top frame so in some cases the turkeys head is out of the picture.  ugh.   oh well.  Life living in the woods.

And the response from our grandkids, Ace and River