Jackson Meadows Fall Camping

My fourth trip to Jackson Meadows this year was September 19th.   Just me and Charlie went.  It was my final fishing attempt.  So far it had been abysmal with nothing but small trout on the line.  I brought my kayak and was shocked to see the lake down so dramatically.  More empty than I have ever seen it in well over ten years. Continue reading “Jackson Meadows Fall Camping”

Jackson Meadows/Pass Creek #1 June, 2016

My first 2016 campout at Jackson Meadows was put off for a couple of weeks because of snow on the road coming in.  But its all clear now.  This time, it was just Ben and I  because Biggs had to stay home recovering from his left knee surgery about four weeks ago.  The lake was at 100% full, up to the tree line.  The highest I have ever seen it.  The base of some trees, mainly aspen, were actually in the water.  I took my DJI Phantom drone this time and had four really fun flights.  I was able to even fly through the Pass Creek canyon capturing some of the waterfalls.  I even was able to launch from my campsite at #30.  Even with the wind, which you can see in the portion of the video that shows my site, the drone handled amazingly.  Fishing was not good, similar to past years at this time.  I did catch one nice sized one that I released, lucky guy.  The lake, the stream, the wildflowers were all just stunning.  Everything was so green and the water so incredibly blue.  Next trip up is Loon Lake then back to Jackson in early July. This video can be seen in HD at either 1440p or 1080p. Check your settings.

Jackson Meadows #5 – September 2015

Autumn started this week and I brought it in at Jackson Meadows Reservoir, trip number five this year.  Kate joined me for two nites and a day, and also our friends Mike and Vicki and their tiny, cute pups, Wookie and Ginger.  No swimming but kayaking, fishing, short hikes, Qwerkle games, cocktails and much laughter.  Weather was perfect.  Fishing was pretty darn good.  I got 10 trout, let most go, including the 15inchers but kept three for a nice dinner.  And… I lost the monster trout.  So big he pulled the hook right off the line.  Gargantuan!  The East Meadows campground closes in a couple weeks so I will have to start going to the Pass Creek CG since they leave that open all year.   Anyway, here are some pics.