Jackson Meadows Fall Camping

My fourth trip to Jackson Meadows this year was September 19th.   Just me and Charlie went.  It was my final fishing attempt.  So far it had been abysmal with nothing but small trout on the line.  I brought my kayak and was shocked to see the lake down so dramatically.  More empty than I have ever seen it in well over ten years. Continue reading “Jackson Meadows Fall Camping”

Jackson Meadows Campout #2 June 2014

Spent a really nice midweek campout at Jackson Meadows 6/10-6/13.  Only one other camper in the loop, and the other loop only had about 3 campers.  Fishing sucked, not a nibble, but it was so quiet and peaceful.  Dogs could run free.  First day went swimming as it was in the 80, delightful.  After that it cooled down to the point where it was 41 in the RV one morning when I got up.  I did a lot of studying for my upcoming CompTIA A+ exam.  Lake had dropped quite a bit from my visit two weeks ago.  Pass Creek is still running but I suspect in a couple weeks it will be just a trickle.  Here are the few photos I took.

Jackson Meadows Reservoir June 2013

My first visit to Jackson Meadows this year.  One of my favorite lakes for camping.  Fishing is normally awesome but wouldn’t ya know, this year I actually have a fishing license and it pretty much sucked.  Not even  a nibble.  We were (are) having a heat spell so the water had warmed up to around 70 degrees which I heard caused the fish to be lazy.   Also heard it was because the mosquitoes were plentiful so the fish were full.  I tried fishing both from shore and from a kayak.  Natha.

Kate couldn’t come along but I did meet up with my friends Mike and Vicki who camped right next to me in site #23, I was in #20.  A short path to the water.  Even tho we had a really dry winter the lake was quite high, probably only down about 10 feet.   The warm winter also resulted in bears visiting the campground.  Apparently the night before I got there, the campground was woken at 1am by a woman screaming.  She had gone to the bathroom and found a bear in there.  What a shock that would be.  I hope she held her water.

We hiked up Passe Creek which was still running nicely.  Lots of little waterfalls and the water was so amazingly clear.   Wild flowers were out, as they usually are at this time of year in the Sierra.  Lupines along the highway getting there, were gorgeous.

Swimming in the lake with Ben was a great cool down and fun.  He would spend the entire time in the water if he could.  While we were there, they were experiencing 107 in the Sacramento valley.  I think it was 100 at least at our home in the foothills, in Colfax.

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