Annual 2021 Birthday Mountain Climb and Jackson Meadows Group Campout

This year we decided to combine a group campout at Jackson Meadows with our annual mountain climb.  We normally, for the past 12 years or so,  have climbed Fall Creek Mountain, but this year we climbed Mt. Lola Continue reading “Annual 2021 Birthday Mountain Climb and Jackson Meadows Group Campout”

Jackson Meadows Reservoir 10/13

Due to the government shutdown most campgrounds were closed.  Many prematurely since they were due to close later on in October.  However, the Pass Creek overload campground, by the boat launch was still open as it is every year.  No facilities like water and bathrooms but a nice place to camp right on the lake.  So for the five days 10/14 to 10/18 I stayed there with Ben and Biggs, fishing.  I caught a couple nice rainbows however I didnt do as well as others, especially the boat fisherman.  Weather was delightful but cold at night, waking in the morning to 35 in the camper.  Lucky I had two dogs to keep me warm.  The lake was down the most so far this year, as you can see from the photos which provided some real interesting beach combing.  I think I have found about 4 or 5 rampela fishing lures this year once the water started receding.  Found one huge one  on this trip.

The sunset Wednesday nite was truly amazing.  I am having such a tough time selecting which sunset photos to put up since it just kept getting better and better.  I am showing the top two but there are 3 others that are definitely worthy of showing also.

Although, I can go up to this Pass Creek CG again this year (since they don’t close it) it will not be accessible once it snows.  Hopefully I can fit in one more trip before that happens.