Annual 2021 Birthday Mountain Climb and Jackson Meadows Group Campout

This year we decided to combine a group campout at Jackson Meadows with our annual mountain climb.  We normally, for the past 12 years or so,  have climbed Fall Creek Mountain, but this year we climbed Mt. Lola Continue reading “Annual 2021 Birthday Mountain Climb and Jackson Meadows Group Campout”

Fall Creek Mountain Annual Birthday Climb 2016 and History

This year on Sept 11th we did our annual Fall Creek Mountain climb.  Stephen Bannister, Kate and I  started this tradition in  2010 and have had various friends join us over the years.  Actually, I went up to the peak for the first time on June 4, 1999 with my dog Stanley and between then and 2010 have climbed there several times.  Kate and I climbed there with Ben and Biggs in 2006 and 2007.  This year I decided to make a video of the climb with very few photos.  This year three of us are in our 70s and three in their 60s.  It was so easy this year.  Amazing.

Following this 2016 video and photos is the group shots by year since I first went there.

Photos from 1999 (below).  I went from the top of Fall Creek Mtn, then to the top of the ridge between Culbertson Lake and Penner Lake and shot photos to the opposite side

2006(below) Kate, me, Ben and Biggs


2010(below) (first “birthday hike”)

Fall Creek Mountain
The founders of this tradition


Fall Creek Mountain


Fall Creek Mountain

2013(below) – just me, Stephen and Janelle in snow!



2016 (below)

Fall Creek Mountain, CA

2017 (below)

Fall Creek Mountain

2018 (below)