Scott Oglesby

A piece by Scott OglesbyMy good friend Scott Oglesby has been struggling with getting published for a long, long time.  He has written some really humorous articles and short stories but getting published in the likes of Sun Magazine seems to be a huge challenge that so far has eluded him.  He has however been published in a few places.

Scott also wrote a novel about the pot delivery service in NYC.  The book is called Riding High.  Scott has written many other pieces however, apparently they will never get published if I put them up here, so I will wait until he gives me the go ahead.

The King Fire

The King Fire that was near my last camp out at Loon Lake is now 43% contained and has covered over 95,000 acres.   8,000 firefighters were utilized, the largest number on a wildfire.   Colfax and Auburn and Grass Valley was experiencing much smoke and ash in the air up until it rained on 9/25.  Here is a map showing the status of the fire.  Note Loon Lake off to the east of the fire near the top.  Click the + button to blow up the map, then pan over to the left and you can see how close Colfax is.  In fact if you click the [ ] box at the right corner of the map, it will blow up to full screen size.

And check out this a timelapse movie of the sunset on Wednesday nite with this huge pyrocumulus cloud formation.

King Fire Pyrocumulus Sunset from Brandon Manning on Vimeo.

NCAA Statistical Predictions

Nate Silver (the guy whose predictions for the last presidential election were right on) has a website called  In his sports section he has a neat forecasting model for the NCAA tournament.  He calculates the chance of each team reaching each round, taking into account a composite of power rankings, pre-season rankings, the team’s placement on the NCAA’s 68-team S-curve, player injuries and geography.  After each round it is updated so the odds change based on outcomes.  Click here for the page with the odds shown in bracket form or table form.  I thought it would be interesting to see how the teams with the highest chance of winning it all turn out.

Right now the top teams and their chance % follows:

Louisville 15%
Florida 15%
Univ. of Arizona 13%
Kansas 7%
Virginia 6%
Michigan State 6%
Wichita State 5%

Lets see how it plays out.

NCAA predictions


Are we alone in the universe?

The universe is so incredibly  large, beyond our imagination, that I have always thought it’s egotistical for anyone to think us humans are the highest and only forms of life in the entire universe.  As Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson states there are more stars in the universe than all the grains of sand on earth.  In this video he describes the logic behind the idea that there are other more intelligent forms of life out there.  I find his argument incredibly compelling.

Bank of America Stinks!

Its amazing to me that Bank Of America gets away with all the dirty deeds it does. It totally worked the system with the govt. HAMP program. Stringing people along, lying to them about their loan modifications and ultimately foreclosing on them anyway. We certainly didn’t get foreclosed on but they lied to us and put us off for over a year. Gilbert Delacruz in the Phoenix office was our case manager. I have never met a more useless person. I guess he was getting paid just to jerk us around. We finally went to a private loan broker Delia Fling who got us a great refinance deal in just about 60 days, beginning to end.

At any rate, I found this great article on Salon that really tells the story about how BofA has screwed the people and whats amazing is that, like most corporations, gets away with it. Banksters is definitely the name for these Parana’s. Here is the article. “Bank of America Whistle Blowers bombshell”

Bank of America Sucks