How cold does it need to be to worry about RV water freezing?

We have a freeze warning here in the foothills of Northern California so I was concerned about my motorhome.  A 2006 Itasca Sunova 26P Class A.  It is supposed to drop down to 26 or 27 tonight and tomorrow night.  Continue reading “How cold does it need to be to worry about RV water freezing?”

Norcold RV Refrigerator Problems Solved

I have a 1986 24ft. Winnebago Class C.  The refrigerator must have been upgraded over time, not sure when.  It’s a Norcold 663BK  3-way and has worked excellently over the past five years, however this year it has had spotty performance.   Continue reading “Norcold RV Refrigerator Problems Solved”

Jackson Meadows November 2013

My last campout at Jackson Meadows 11/4 – 11/7/13.   The forest service left open Pass Creek campground but there was no one there.  I had the whole lake to myself for three whole days.  It was amazing.  Actually when I got there on Monday, there was a solo fisherman camped just below me in the overload CG.  He left early the next morning after catching four trout Monday nite, one huge one.

The Hennesey Pass road out there, had some icy spots which made me a little nervous if I was to meet up with a logging truck going the opposite direction.  That could have put me out of the dry ruts and onto some slippery stuff, however, it didn’t happen.  Weather was gorgeous in the low 30s at nite and 50s during the day.

As far as fishing, they didn’t seem to want what I had to offer for the first 2 days.  I was using power bait then I tried every lure in my tackle box.  Finally I decided to add more weight to  my sliders and use the red powerbait.  This allowed me to cast out further and into deeper water.  Bingo!  It resulted in a beauty.  A 19″ rainbow trout who was a real fighter getting him in.  This was Wednesday nite, then the next morning, I caught another smaller one, around 12″ but I let him go.  I figured that big boy was enough for me.

Fall fishingFall fishing at jackson meadows

Kate and I had it for dinner when I got back, and between the two of us we could only eat half of it.  The rest will be another meal.  We cooked it on the bbq and tried a new method of slicing it down the sides and back, and stuffing it with garlic, butter, rosemary and lemon.   Then Kate made a butter, wine and capers sauce to put over it.  So tender and tasty.

trout cookingBBQ Trout

With no one around, I only heard the sounds of the geese, ducks, birds, lapping of water on the lake and wind in the pines.  It was such a heartwarming feeling.  A really sweet connection with this place.  I also find it interesting and fun to walk thru the empty campgrounds, the absolute stillness as a contrast to the summertime hustle and bustle of campers which ended only a month earlier.  And walking along the shoreline as the water level keeps dropping, displaying new things to see and places to explore, all previously hidden under the water.

Jackson Meadows Reservoir #2

This was a delightful trip back to Jackson Meadows Reservoir located around the 7,000 foot level in the Sierra Nevada Mtns, Tahoe National Forest.  Weather was cool at night and warm enough during the days for great swimming.   Kate and I  took the tandem inflateable kayak (SeaEagle) and paddled around the lake with Biggs inside and Ben swimming along next to us.  Fishing was lousy.  I tried salmon eggs and power bait.  Even tried my kastmaster lure and then lost it to a snag on the second cast.  We tried the strange method of keeping flies away with pennies in a ziplock bag filled with water and I do believe it worked.   We had site #34 which I believe is the best site in East Meadows campground.  It’s at the far end with a nice forest trail on one side and a straight shot to the lake on the other.  And an awesome view.  Water line was broke so no running water and therefore flush toilet bathrooms shut down for the first day.   Once fixed all was well again.

Passe Creek was still running, with small waterfalls but way down from when I was here two weeks ago.  We hiked north, this time, on the Pacific Crest Trail and it was just a beautiful hike.  I prefer it to the southern direction hike on the PCT.