Loon Lake #4 September 2016

One of my favorite things is an empty campground, and this was the situation at Loon Lake this time.  Mid week, September… perfect for camping.  Weather was delightful and even got a little rain on the last morning.  Kate went with me and Ben and Charlie this time.  Not much swimming because the water was about 10 degrees cooler than August.  And the bees/wasps were less annoying this time.  Charlie and Ben both rode in the kayaks.  Fishing was much improved, caught a couple, one decent sized.  Charlie was a handful as all puppies are but he loved it and he is so cute to watch his excitement and enthusiasm.  What a character.  Ben over did himself as always and was kind of limping near the end of the three days.  I think his feet were sore or possibly some sore muscles.  He is back to normal now.  In the video below, the two items that Charlie was caught eating were a dead, petrified fish and horse poop.  Nice, huh.

Loon Lake #3 September 2015

Back to Loon Lake right after the Labor Day crowds left.  I started out at site #28, only to find there is a tit mouse burrow somewhere near the RV pad, so I had mice in my raisen bran cereal box in the middle of the night.  Next morning, crack of dawn, I was packing up to move to site #17 (my goto site from now on).  I had the whole loop to myself until Wednesday afternoon, and then only a couple campers came in.  It was great. The sky had some haze from all the fires and it was on the hot side, low 80s in the days, but otherwise it was gorgeous.  Kayak fishing was great catching five fish and only one released cause he was too small.  One 13″ rainbow and three just shy of 16″.  Real fighters too.  It seemed to me, looking at my fishfinder, that there were much less fish this time than last.  Lake was about 2-3 feet lower than when I was here in July, but appears to have stopped dropping.  Water temperature had dropped to around 63 whereas in July it was almost 70.

Biggs and Ben were with me, and because of little Biggs we just took short hikes.  Also did some kayaking with Ben swimming along while Biggs sat on the bow.  I finished three books while there and had a really relaxing time.

Loon Lake #2 July 2015

Our second trip to Loon Lake this year, back in my old campsite #17.  Parked right next to us were our friends Gary and Cheryl Goldsmith, in #15, along with their pup, Benatar.  Weather was delightful this time with lows at nite around 48 and days mid to high 70s.  And no bugs!!  Beautiful sunny days with great cloud formations, but often rather windy.

We hiked along shore line since the lake was down another couple feet since June, probably less than 50% at this point.  And hiked a couple miles along the Rubican trail into desolation wilderness.  Swimming and kayaking also, as usual.

I got to try out my new Garmin fishfinder and loved it.  Showed depth and temperature of the water, and of course, fish and fish depth, including sized icons of small, medium and large.  It wasn’t until the third day that I started catching trout using my worm and dodger setup, trolling.  Got three, kept the big one (15″) and gave it to Gary and Cheryl for dinner.  I also lost another three just when i was about to net them.  Fishing best along our campground shore, the boat launch area and by the pump out structure where I found the to be a huge hole about 60′ down and packed with fish, all at the bottom.  Probably 50 fish down there.

Anyway, a great trip, lots of laughs with good friends, Qwerkle (Kate consistently beating me) and cocktails and PBR.  Not too many pics, but here they are.