Southern California Trip

Last weekend we drove down to see Angela and Jamie in LA.  As expected we had a terrific time with two great hosts.  First day we went to Labrea Tar Pits and the LA County Museum of Art (right next door to the pits).  I wish I could have taken pictures of the art we saw, especially the Netsuke which was amazing, however no photos were allowed.  The next day we went to Joshua Tree National Park with a brief stop off at the Buddhist Temple.  It was a long drive (by Jamie) but well worth it.  The Temple was amazing and I hope to spend more time there on our next visit.  I’d like to sit in on one of the services.  And Joshua Tree was my first visit and definitely beat my expectations.  Amazing rock formations and a full forest of Joshua Tree Cactus.  At night on our way home, we had delicious vegetarian Chinese food and my first taste of Boba Tea, with tapioca balls at the bottom.  The next day I was craving for more.   Here are the photos.