Kate as a painter

My lovely wife, Kate, woke up this morning to find one eye would not open, a snotty nose, and lots of aches and pains.  The sick eye apparently has something called “pink eye” and finally did open after being coaxed with a little warm water.  While  her cold, that she has been nursing for a week now,  has decided to rear its ugly head.  Quite a way to start the day.

She did not, however, let any of these  setbacks cause her to deter from her plan to paint one of the bathrooms.  Not only did she do that but in between  the first and second coats, she went in the kitchen and made me hordourves for the superbowl!  Fantastic clam dip and a very special hot cheese, cauliflower, spinach, garlic and jalepano dip.  Am I a luck guy or what?  I sure love that woman. 🙂

Go 49ers!!!!!!