Loon Lake August 2016 #3

Ben and I made our third trip to Loon Lake, last week.  Had a great time swimming, kayaking, hiking and droning.  The fishing was terrible.  The best part was getting Ben to actually ride in the kayak with me.  I was able to put the drone on “point of interest” so it circled around us and therefore I was able to film Ben in the boat.  The problem was I launched in too shallow water with lots of rocks so maneuvering was pretty challenging.  I got to try out my new point and shoot, Lumix SZ40 and I’m quite pleased.  RAW files and 30x zoom, plus manual focus and a viewfinder.  Not to mention an exposure adjustment wheel on the lens.   Lots of bees again, but slightly better than last time, plus there were six wasp traps around my site.  I had the whole camp area to myself until Thursday when a large party came in, taking up two sites right next to me, blasting C&W music as soon as they arrived, at top volume.  ugh.