2014 Easter Egg Hunt

It has become an annual event for Gramps and Nana to have an Easter Egg hunt out on our property, and this year was great. Gorgeous weather and a really fun time for all. Molly, Neil and our grandkids Atticus and Ollalie, plus our friends Jeff and Laura with their sweet kids Jacob and Shasta. We must have had more than a hundred eggs spread out over the property. Luckily no poison oak was tread upon this year. The food was plentiful with all kinds various hors d’oeuvres, way more than we all could eat. The dogs didn’t eat any chocolate, no kids got hurt, and no significant bugs… oh except for the bungee jumping oak worms who kept dropping down from the trees and landing on peoples heads, spreading their silky webs everywhere. Cocktails were margaritas, bourbon, rum or bourbon and coke (and any other conceivable mixer), vodka and soda, and of course PBR. Also the frogs (Fred and Ethel) in our water tubs were quite a hit with everyone trying to locate the little buggers with huge voices. They are about he size of a thumbnail but check out the photo of one below. Eggs held candy and coin. Atticus managed to trade all his coin for candy from the others and had a huge bag of sweets when he left. We look forward to next year when we all are another year older.