My poor RV

Last November I ventured to Wrights beach for 3 days, during a big storm BTW.  On the way there I pulled away from a curb, at our Colfax Post Office, only to be surprised by a crunching sound.  A low hanging limb of a tree bashed my top right corner.

Rv bashed

It bent the curved trim piece plus tore the plastic sides in two place.  I temporarliy fixed with duct tape, thank god, because a huge storm came in that night.  It held just fine.. amazing what duct tape can do.

Anyway, ever since then I have been reserching and planning how I am to fix this.  I found a trim piece in Arizona.  I found  a rv salvage place on the net, sent a photo and lo and behold the guy there had just the thing.  $75 for the part and $120 for shipping.. but what ya gonna do?   This is an ’86 Winnebago and I was lucky to find a new piece for it.


Next problem is fixing the tears.  I thought I was going to have to fiberglass from the inside, meaning tearing out all the insulation, paneling etc.  However, I found an RV repair shop in Reno that looked like it handled stuff like this.  Paramount Auto Body.  So I emailed them with a picture asking how much it might cost.  In probably 15 minuts I got a call from them explaining exactly what I could do to easily fix the tears.  ProFlex.  I didnt have to tear out the insulation as it would have been a mess since its glued to the siding.   Anyway, I was so impressed with these people helping me out like that instead of trying to discourage me or sell me something.

So.. when the weather warms up I plan to be out there fixing this thing and can only hope it will go smoothly.