Bank of America Stinks!

Bank of America Sucks

Its amazing to me that Bank Of America gets away with all the dirty deeds it does. It totally worked the system with the govt. HAMP program. Stringing people along, lying to them about their loan modifications and ultimately foreclosing on them anyway. We certainly didn’t get foreclosed on but they lied to us and put us off for over a year. Gilbert Delacruz in the Phoenix office was our case manager. I have never met a more useless person. I guess he was getting paid just to jerk us around. We finally went to a private loan broker Delia Fling who got us a great refinance deal in just about 60 days, beginning to end.

At any rate, I found this great article on Salon that really tells the story about how BofA has screwed the people and whats amazing is that, like most corporations, gets away with it. Banksters is definitely the name for these Parana’s. Here is the article. “Bank of America Whistle Blowers bombshell”

Bank of America Sucks


Author: Geoff

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