Google sitemap

I just installed the plugin for the Google (XML) Sitemap generator located here.  It did not work.  It said it created Sitemap.xml however I got the 404 error page not found.  No file was there.  Tried submitting to google webmaster tools and it couldnt find it either.  So… I scrapped the whole thing and found a bunch more google sitemap generators via the plugin search on WP.  I installed the one with the most stars and Bingo!  worked in less than a minute.  Zero configurations to be made which I guess is good .. or maybe could be bad.  Who knows.. at least this will help the SE robots cruise my site more frequently and pick up current posts.  It should work especially for google and bing.  Yahoo has a funny need to register something with them but I got really messed up trying to get an API key from them… so scrapped it.  Who uses yahoo search anymore anyway.