Mom’s 90th birthday week in chicagoland

Marianne Harms at 90

Here are photos from our trip to Lombard, Il. to celebrate my mom’s 90th birthday on June 1, 2014.   Some pics taken at Lilac Park and some others at Morton Arboretum., but most were taken at the event on Saturday at Perry’s Pizza Joynt in Northlake.

Author: Geoff

Quick rundown: Grew up in Lombard, Illinois, went to Arizona State University, worked as a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co, then Laventhal and Horwath, then Rolling Stones, then Heron International, then Goodby Berlin and Silverstein in San Francisco. Moved to the foothills in 1990 and traded futures and designed websites. Married to Kate Stewart, now living in Colfax, CA. We have six grandchildren. I enjoy camping in our RV, hiking, kayaking, fishing, droning and cross country skiing Also conga drumming, photography and dogs.

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  1. WOW, you got some great pic’s for the 100th year celebration. Wish I could have sent you a few to contribute. I have only a few that are in focus.

    Good Job Geoff !

    What a great time we all had!! Yesterday after you left we found out that Dani and Kaitlin missed there plane. They called us to ask for suggestions. They ended up staying at a Best Western at the airport and taking the train downtown to be in the city. They were without a rental car so it would have been difficult for them to get to Lombard to see your mom or to go see Susan and Tom. They handled it well, made the best of it. They only had carry on and the Spirit plane people told them they were too late even though there was still 45 minutes left? They had a fun adventure. We did too, we went downtown and walked all over millennium park and the lake shore, got caught in a rain shower and looked like drown rats. Then went to the DDD pizza place! It was delicious!

  2. These are perfect for 100th celebration…or one of Carolyn’s books;-)
    The picture of your mom, before we left for the party, all dressed and ready to go is perfect. The outfit, hair, and smile are so lovely.
    Carolyn…next time we’re together, any DDD restaurant is a “must go” for me!

    1. I’m in ! Can’t wait! There are a lot in Albuquerque and Santa Fe if you can head out this way! We will take you to them!

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