Family Thanksmas 2013

Portland Thanksmas

This year the Stewart part of the family met up in Portland at Joe and Nat’s house for Thanksmas.  Nat did an awesome job decorating and making some amazing food for all of us.  Joe had the house loaded with all kinds of great beers and let Kate and I stay in his office above the garage.  Nat even moved a full bed up there so we were away from all the noise.  Generally we go to bed much earlier than the rest.  The grandkids were awesome as usual and so fun to watch.  Ace and River were so excited to be with their California cousins.  Ace was so sad to see them leave come Sunday.  All the little kids are so upbeat and happy, especially little River, only 15 months who walks around with a big smile on his face, getting into everything.  These kids are just a joy to be around.

One day we went to the mall and everyone but Kate, me and River went ice skating, or at least tried to skate.  Olallie did the best. Molly did the worst. We visited Powell’s bookstore in downtown Portland, the largest book store in the world.  It was like going to a library except all the books were for sale.  The farmers market on the college campus was packed with great organic foods and a fun place to stroll thru, even though it was a bit chilly and overcast.   A lot of monopoly and chess was played. Oh and charades, if you can imagine trying to do the movie Avatar, quite the challenge.  Seemed like a game was constantly going on.  Everyone loved their gifts, I know I did mine.  The thanksmas dinner was vegan, vegetarian and dead animal meat for us normal people.  Main course of meatballs (or mushroom balls), fantastic mashed potatoes, cranberries, squash, and much much more.  Kate made a couple pecan pies which were devoured over the 4 days.

Overall Portland is a great city and I certainly wouldn’t mind living there.   Although the tv show Portlandia satirizes it, I found the consciousness there to be at a high level, seemingly much more than here in Placer county, CA.  A very environmentally green city.   I also really appreciated the interested architecture.  Many craftsman style homes.

My photos weren’t so great, somewhat out of focus as I was avoiding the flash, but Jamie’s B&W photos turned out quite good so I have included them below.


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