Fall Creek Mountain Hike September 2018

This year’s “birthday hike” also referred to as the Fall Creek Mountain hike was on 9/15/2018, a windy fallish Saturday.  Weather was clear but cool so no swimming this time.  A small group this time with Stephen Banister and Susan Mahaffy joining Kate and I.  Instead of being harder, since I am now a year older, it seemed to a piece of cake.  A truly enjoyable and beautiful hike this year.   I didn’t wear my normal hiking and kayaking safari  hat this time, and because of the high winds blowing my ball cap, I regretted that  stupid decision to make a change.

We counted 13 lakes this time from the 7500′ peak.  Wind must have been blowing 30-40mph.  Weather in low 60s.  Perfectly clear sky with some stunning cloud formations.  I took some really nice photos but after emailing just four of them, my Micro Sd card died and I was unable to retrieve any of the many photos I had on my Galaxy S9+.  Very strange as I have never had that happen before nor heard of it happening.  I guess the cards can’t last forever but I would have thought it might have gotten corrupted or some such warning beforehand.  It won’t even show up as a device on the phone or even on my two computers.  Every photo had been backed up except this day’s photos.  oh well….

Note:  History of this hike group hike goes back to 2006 when Kate and I along with our pups Ben and Biggs went up there.  Here is a recap.

Here are the few photos that I was able to retain:

Author: Geoff

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